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circular syllogism, Silvia Castro

Thinking of Ingrid Betancourt,
January 2007

With wings.
Without wings.
night or day.
Long or short.
Wide or narrow.
Thin or fat.
supplies De robust normal

or meager.
of aromas or simple.
From Kotex.
De Tampax.
From Playtex.
of Stayfree.

Crimson Tide in January.
And in a chain of Colombia Ingrid
Rimbaud poem repeats a
while bleeding their cloths in the river. "

This poem appears on page 46 of the book Water (Editorial Torremozas, 2010), written by Silvia Castro Méndez, and has been recognized with the Echeverría Achilles Poetry Award 2010 in Costa Rica, the country home of Silvia Castro.

I know I look like I've said on the occasion, but not going to stop saying it because I think: Water is a very good book. Silvia shows a strength of thought, a poetic construction ability and opportunity to manage frankly remarkable eloquence.

I know it will feel that the prize that the book has received, as well. But a few days ago - even months-I wanted to bring this blog a poem Water. As it came to nothing, since the events I throw up (happens to me all the time yet). The important thing (besides Silvia book itself) is the event: they have been awarded literary prize important country, Echeverria Achilles Award 2010 for this book. And for Zaragoza's another important thing is that she, Silvia Castro, lives among us now, although she is so discreet that you never stop to notice.

I put several links as well:

One, the editorial tab water, so that you know where to go for running the book and that you may know a little bit Silvia Castro (those who do not may know) :

Another, Crepusculario 21 century, the Blog poets who kept Fernando Sarria, where poems appeared Water (Supermarket I have taken from there - for mere convenience, of course): 20Castro% 20M% C3% A9ndez

And a final statement to the National Awards Wikipedia Achilles Echeverría: C3% ADa


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